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Halloween, fun with knives. And squash.

It has been far too long since I've posted in here, but I figured I just had to share this particular personal triumph. A friend and I got together a few days ago to carve pumpkins; something which I am usually not too thrilled about. It's not that I mind the mess or the time consuming nature of decorating orange squash, I just can't ever think of anything clever to carve. This year, however, I had a stroke of genius, and after several hours of swearing and one bloodied knuckle, I produced this:

If you need a reference, go here



You is pimped, kid. I love this so much.
Spider Jerusalem! Brilliant!
Win! You appear to have won Teh Internets, where would you like it delivered? :D
Can I get them gift-wrapped?
That's fantastic.

Mr Ellis has been notified :->
Thank you! And he noticed!

(Although he probably got emailed by a few people - I didn't get a response when I sent it to him)
Okay, you are the most awesome person ever.
That's amazing.
Oh man, that's a bitchin' pumpkin. Well done, _very_ well done.
Oh, wow! It was cool before I even got to see the reference! I would have no idea and still think it's cool because I can never carve a pumpkin. Always a mess and I'm just not good at it at all, though I've an idea for this year . . .

One year, a carved a watermelon!

I called it a Jack o' Mellon. It was easier than caving a pumpkin!

I also wrote an article about carving the watermelon.

Anyway, good to see you posting here!
Ha ha! That's awesome!
Absolutely awesome! I'm a Transmetropolitan fan from WAY back, this is the best things I've seen since I ran across a guy that did a full Spider Jerusalem costume, with the tatoo in Sharpie marker. (I always wondered how long he walked around with that spider on his head!)
Thanks! I'm trying to get my boyfriend to do that costume this year.
Does that mean you'd go as one of the Feeelthy Assistants? Might be a little obscure, but it could be fun. :)
That is unspeakably amazing. Madd skillz, yo!
I found this through, FYI. Can you come over to our place and make one for us, too?
I am so excited that he actually posted about it.
Is that...a Spider Jerusalem pumpkin?
That is the coolest pumpkin in the history of ever.
That it is, and thank you!
Right. Honorary filthy assistantship for you.
Fantastic! :)
Totally awesome!

Btw, when will we see you at VTR again?
Hopefully soon! I miss it so.


What do you do when it gets squishy old fuzzy? Smash or trash?

Nice likeness.

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